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Benefits of Orange Juice!

 What One Cup of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Gives You
Nutrient Amount What It Does For You   Needed in   Human   Nutrition
Water 88%
Maintains body temperature, enters into bloodstream, all hormonsed and body systems.   YES
Calories 110 Provides healthful energy and natural vitality to boost vigor and strength.   YES
Protein 2 grams Essential component of all living cells. Builds, maintains and repairs all body tissues. Supplies energy. Helps form antibodies to fight infection. Forms important part of enzymes, hormons, body fluids.   YES
Carbohydrates 26 grams Supplies energy. Helps the body use fats more effectively. Needed for body warmth. Aids digetive tract by adding bulk.   YES
Calcium 27 mgs. Builds bones and teeth. Helps blood to clot. Helps functioning of muscles, nerves and heart.   YES
Iron .5 units Combines with protein to make hemoglobin, the red substance of blood that carries oxygen to all body cells. Helps cell use oxygen and develop energy.   YES
Vitamin A 500 units Helps keep skin smooth and soft. Aids eyesight. Protects again night blindness. Helps keep mucous membraces (lining) of mouth, nose, throat and digestive tract healthy and resistant of infection.   YES
Vitamin B1 .22 mgs. Needed for proper function of heart and nervous system. Helps obtain energy from food.   YES
Vitamin B2 .07 mgs. Needed for healthy skin. Helps prevent sensitivity of eyes to light. needed to build and maintain healthy body tissues.   YES
Niacin 1.0 mgs. Helps convert food to energy. Aids nervous system and helps prevent appetite loss. Works with enzymes.   YES
Vitamin C 124 mgs. Helps keep bone, teeth, blood vessels healthy. Helps build strong bone structure. Helps distribute calcium for fine tooth formation. Builds resistance to cold and respiratory allergies.   YES
Potassium 460 mgs. Helps maintain cell fluid balance. Permits normal nerve impulse conduction. Helps muscles contract. Regulates acid-alkaline balance.   YES
Magnesium 22 mgs. Relaxes nerves, promotes new cells, activated enzymes. Helps form body proteins. Regulates temperature.   YES
Phosphorus 43 mgs. Works with calcium to form and maintain bones, teeth. Found in nucleus of each cell. Aids in metabolism of carbohydrates.   YES